Contract Rotomoulding

Contract Rotomoulded Plastic Solutions

Contract Rotomoulded Plastic Solutions

Streamline manufacturing with Superior Rotomoulding

Rotomoulding is a plastic moulding process that uses PLC process controlled ovens to manufacture large, hollow plastic products. The process can be a very competitive alternative to other plastic manufacturing processes, if the volumes are suitable, and it offers designers the chance to product stress-free articles, with uniform wall thickness and complex shapes.

Superiors’ contract rotomoulding capabilities facilitate moulding for clients requiring products on an ongoing basic where repetitive precision is essential with use of our CNC after moulding machining centre. 

Superior also rotomoulds a large range of its own products for a variety of industries including specialist tanks, flotation and fencing.

Our contract rotomoulding services are perfect for businesses interested in manufacturing plastic products in Australia with high-quality materials, state of the art equipment and quick production time.


Already have moulds?

If you are looking for Australian rotomoulding and already have moulds created, please contact us to speak with with one of our friendly experts.

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