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Custom Rotomoulded Plastic Solutions

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Custom Rotomoulded Plastic Solutions

Design, development, through to production process.
Innovative Plastic Mould Manufacturers in Australia
Discover the true potential of plastic moulding with our Australian-made custom solutions. We specialise in the art of rotomoulding (rotational moulding) to create large, durable plastic products tailored to your unique needs. From initial design to final manufacturing, we take pride in our custom plastic moulding expertise. Request your quote today and experience excellence in plastic mould manufacturing.

Rotomoulding is a plastic moulding process that uses PLC process controlled ovens to manufacture large, hollow plastic products. The process can be a very competitive alternative to other plastic manufacturing processes if the volumes are suitable, and it offers designers the chance to produce stress-free articles, with uniform wall thickness and complex shapes. 

An increasing number of products and components that have traditionally been manufactured manually in metal can now be converted to a rotomoulded option that is durable and more cost effective to manufacture, transport and install. 

Products made with custom remoulding can be up to 3.5m2 and can be moulded with a range of coloured plastics.

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Custom Rotomoulding Process

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Technical Consultants

Superior’s in-house expertise enables collaboration with designers, inventors or manufacturers to develop new product moulds. 

With over 30 year’s experience, our team of technical consultants have the skills to assist with rotomoulded product development at every step of the process from manufacture through to testing and into production.

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