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Pump Pontoons

Stability and Longevity in Floating Pump Pontoons

For over 30 years, Superior Rotomoulding has expertly crafted custom-made pump pontoons that redefine stability and longevity. Ideal for applications ranging from dredging to aquaculture, our pump pontoons showcase the peak of rotomoulding excellence. Request a quote to keep your operations afloat from our locally produced plastic moulding factory on the Gold Coast, specialising in pump pontoons.

Superior Rotomoulding has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of a large range of pump pontoons and pump pontoon accessories, suitable for a wide range of industry applications including dredging, mining, water treatment, and aquaculture. These pump pontoons are available through our retail arm, Superior Industrial, your premier source for pump pontoons.

Features & Benefits of Pump Pontoons

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