SMD – Superior Modular Dock

Custom Rotomoulded Plastic Solutions. 

Superior Modular Docks for a wide range of industry applications. 


Easily demountable and moveable

Varied sizes for multiple layout combinations

Superior Modular Dock (SMD) System

The Superior Modular Dock (SMD) uses tough polyethylene rotomoulded modules that are available in a range of sizes. This is a versatile option applicable to situations where a smart appearance and flexibility is required, as the modules are easily demountable and moveable.

The varied sizes allow for multiple layout combinations and are tough and durable, non-slip, UV resistant and do not deteriorate in a marine environment. The SMD system can withstand heavy conditions, making it ideal for commercial and public use applications.

The Superior Modular Docking system has easily demountable and moveable modules as well as being container friendly so they can be shipped anywhere in the World. They are equipped with forklift fork recesses for easy loading and storage. 

A variety of custom accessories (e.g. hand rails, safety ladders) are also available making the SMD Marina System a popular choice for marine berthing, resort water sports and public use recreational applications.

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